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Established 2023

Grandview Bernedoodles

Grandview bernedoodles

our prices make a designer dog possible for you 

Family breeders of

F1B Bernedoodle Puppies

Featuring the rare chocolate and white!

Excellent Pedigree. Reasonable Prices.

Our sire and dam come from excellent, tested lineage. Their progeny are beautiful dogs with pleasant temperaments and high intelligence.  F1B Bernedoodles are the offspring of a purebred poodle and an F1 (50/50) Bernedoodle. The F1B dogs are desired for their low to no shedding and their hypoallergenic qualities. The chocolate coloring can only be found in F1B Bernedoodles with a specific recessive gene. The rich coloring gets comments from people wherever our dogs go! Our puppies start out with a smooth coat, but they all develop a wavy to curly coat with in the first six months. 

grandview bernedoodles

From our family to yours!

Our dogs are first and foremost beloved members of our family.
They are our family pets and the amazing parents of our puppies.

Our dam


Hazel is an extremely affectionate and smart AKC registered cream poodle. She loves routines, and she loves children. She always wants to be sitting near us, and she immediately comes to sit under the piano when someone is playing.  We got Hazel just a month before Covid-19 hit, and she was a great source of joy to our entire family during that time! She's not spoiled at all.  Genetic testing done through Royal Canin.

Our sire


Maverick is an old soul. While he is still pretty much a puppy (two years old) and loves to play, he responds to training and situations like a much older, more mature dog.  He is so well-mannered that he often goes hiking off-leash.  He is loyal and obedient. We acquired Maverick from Scottland Yard Kennels in the Chicago area, and their dogs are top quality. He is an F1 Bernedoodle.  Genetic testing done through Embark.

Our family

Terpstra Family

We were introduced to the world of doodles in the fall of 2008. We acquired our first Goldendoodle Buckley for $100! He was a fantastic and beloved member of our family. When he passed away at the age of 11, we began exploring the idea of breeding Bernedoodles. We enjoyed all the benefits of the blending of breeds, and we loved the look of the Bernedoodle. The time was finally right for us to begin breeding in the spring of 2023 with our poodle and Bernedoodle. Our goal in breeding is two-fold. First, we LOVE Bernedoodles, and secondly, our family intends to utilize the income to provide a means for our family to do foster care. Ask us if you want to know more!

Grandview Bernedoodles


this litter was born on april 21, 2024!

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Several of the puppies have been claimed already.

scroll down for pictures of these adorable pups!

While the puppies are in our home, we will give them lots of love and socialization. We  began their potty training, first with a designated area near their box, then moved them to using the potty outside in the grass. This will set them up nicely to finish their house training in their new homes quickly. We will do some noise and sensitivity training with sounds like a vacuum, thunder, etc. through counter conditioning. We will begin getting them time alone inside a crate for short periods of time so that the transition goes smoothly when they go home with their new families.

The puppies will go home with a small supply of the puppy food that they are used to, a detailed suggested feeding schedule, a toy or blanket that has their mother’s scent, and all immunization records.

We are located in Phoenix, Arizona.
Muppets litter born 4/21

FeMale Pink collar

"Camilla" (sold)

Camilla has a beautiful face with the broad Bernese head.  She is sweet and sensitive - a trademark of the Bernedoodle breed. She quietly lets you know that she is near you and wants your attention.  She is black with white markings.  She loves to settle in your lap for a nap right after she eats.   Camilla will likely have a wavy, low-shed coat. Pictured at 8 weeks.
muppets litter born 4/21

male green collar

"Kermit" (sold)

Kermit is affectionate and serious. He takes on life with a calm temperament. He is also curious. He has a square Bernese face with a cute dusting of white up his nose.  His coat will likely be wavy and low shed.  
muppets litter born 4/21

Male yellow collar

"Gonzo"  (sold)

Gonzo is quiet and loveable. He was one of the first to figure out the doggy door. He is showing positive repsonses in his training already. He is extra gentle and sedate.  He loves to nuzzle under your chin. He will likely have a curly, low-shed coat. Pictured at 8 weeks.

muppets litter born 4/21

Male blue collar

"Scooter" (sold)

Scooter is a one of a kind tri-color. He is a handsome boy with a chocolate base and white and tan markings. He likes to explore and figure out life independently. He moves around the yard, investigating and sniffing around.  When he is done checking things out, he comes to us for his cuddles too. Right now, his eyes are blue, which means they will likely end up a light brown.  He will likely have a curly, low-shed coat. 

muppets litter born 4/21

feMale purple collar

"Yolanda" (sold)

Yolanda is our tiny girl, but don't be fooled by her dainty size. She has courage and pluck to hold her own with her larger siblings. She is comfortable with her place and loves to explore. She is training really well. She is very loveable and likes to cuddle in your arms and give kisses. Yoly would be a great choice for someone who prefers a slightly smaller dog, as we expect her to top-out between 40-50 pounds.  Her coat will likely be curly and no shed. 
muppets litter born 4/21

FeMale black collar

"Janice" (sold)

Janice is mostly all black with little bits of white on her chin and paws. She is attentive and not rambunctious.  She really goes with the flow. She is going to be a gorgeous and loyal pet for someone.  She will be a wonderful companion. Her coat will be curly and low-shedding.  Pictured at 8 weeks.
muppets litter born 4/21

FeMale white collar

"Dr. Benson Honeydew"/"Honey" (sold)

Honey is a gorgeous puppy who will melt your heart. Her features are so petite and pretty.  She loves to  come sleep in your lap. Honey will likely have a  curly coat with no shedding. She is black with minimal white markings and the beautiful head structure of her Bernese mountain dog heritage. Pictured at 8 weeks.

muppets litter born 4/21

FeMale red collar

"Beaker" (sold)

Beaker is a big girl who will charm your way into your heart! She is fun and chill and beautiful!  She is one of our larger puppies. She has a very pretty facial structure. Her temperament is easy-going like her father and intelligent like her mother.   Beaker will likely have a wavy to curly coat. She is chocolate with minimal white markings.
Muppets litter born 4/21

Male Orange collar

"Fozzie" (sold)

Fozzie loves to play! He is brave and funny. He was the first to try his "woof!" As the biggest dog in the litter, he boldly goes where no other dog has gone before. He has a gorgeous facial structure and a strong build. He also loves to explore, and then he makes his way over to us for some petting and affection. He also has the chocolate coloring with white markings on his nose, chest, and paws. Fozzie's coat will likely be wavy and low to no shedding.   


Our litters of F1B Bernedoodles

feature the more rare chocolate

and white coloring. 

Each puppy should mature between 45-70 pounds. 

Born April 21, 2024

 Our list is filling quickly!

Price: $2,000

(Tri-color "Scooter" - $2,300)

DEPOSIT - $500

They will be ready to go home

after june 16th!

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